Rates are too high. Members are defecting. Finances are in disarray.

#TriHarder to transition quickly from expensive, old and polluting energy to clean, locally produced renewable energy.

Why? The climate and Tri-State customers’ rates are at stake. Tri-State is member owned, and financed by ratepayer money. Right now, ratepayers are paying too much for outdated and increasingly expensive electricity from 4 coal plants. 

What’s happening? The West’s energy economy is rapidly shifting to low-cost renewable energy, energy efficiency, and battery storage. While utilities like Xcel Energy and Platte River Power Authority (PRPA) have ambitious and achievable commitments to provide clean energy (Xcel 80% carbon-free electricity by 2030, PRPA 100% by 2030), Tri-State is far behind.

As a result, 1.5 million rural western consumers are at risk of being stuck paying for dirty and increasingly expensive coal and natural gas plants while their neighbors take advantage of clean, low-cost renewable energy.


Tri-State has an opportunity to produce more renewable energy that creates new, local jobs and brings new investments in our communities.

Tri-State must clean up its act and…

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#TriHarder to be transparent with western leaders, your member owners and ratepayers about your debt load and financial future.


Why? Tri-State members are concerned about Tri-State’s growing debt and future rate increases on rates that are already higher than surrounding utilities.  

What’s happening? Tri-State restructured its debt in a way to delay repayment, and they appear to not be paying down any of the capital on $1.25 billion of their $3+ billion debt. Tri-State member co-ops are rightly concerned that this debt will lead to rate increases. (See for yourself.) The financial community has taken note, DOWNGRADING Tri-State’s credit rating, meaning borrowing in the future will be more expensive.

TAKE ACTIOn: Add your name To OUR LETTER TO the Board of Directors of Tri-State Generation and Transmission is made up of member-owners from 12 co-ops including LPEA, United, SMPA, Mountain Parks, United and PVREA and others like We Own It, San Juan Citizen’s Alliance, Sheep Mountain Alliance, Western Colorado Alliance and Sierra Club. This network is composed of conservative, progressive, business owners, individuals, rural and urban ratepayers with a common interest in seeing Tri-State #TriHarder on transitioning to clean, affordable and reliable energy.