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Take Action: Your Senator needs to hear from you! Help find a path forward for the West’s Rural Electric Cooperative Transitions.

Tri-State is like a house built with a cracked foundation on unstable ground

The company’s deep, systemic flaws cannot be fixed without major work to correct the underlying problems. #TriHarder


But rather than address the root issues, Tri-State seems to think that a coat of paint and some new shingles will fix the house. 


That is exactly what things like its “Responsible Energy Plan,” the company’s move to FERC and the minimal amount of contractual flexibility it has given to co-ops amount to. 


These are cosmetic cover-ups to major problems hidden out of sight that are keeping Tri-State members from the affordable, clean energy future they have been demanding. 


Until Tri-State does the major work that is needed, cracks that form in the foundation will accumulate and spread, the damage showing up in numerous ways that ultimately will be felt most acutely by those living in the house, its member co-ops.

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An Opportunity for Tri-State to Begin to ‘Fix’ its House

Tri-State recently submitted  the first part of its plan to provide power to its rural electric cooperative member owners, to the Colorado Public Utilities Commission. This Electric Resource Plan, or ERP, will establish the company’s plan for providing affordable, reliable energy for the coming years. 


Tri-State needs to #TriHarder & actually listen to its member owners who are demanding clean, locally produced electricity that is affordable and reliable.


Now, for the first time, Tri-State has completed the first step in the process of having an Electric Resource Plan approved  by state regulators who, along with the public, can hold them accountable to make sure they actually deliver on what customers across Colorado are demanding.

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